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Now you can exchange goods and services with other members without the need for cash. Simply initiate or respond to a barter request and follow the barter process online. The transaction process is structured to be simple and painless.

How does it work?

First, be sure to log into your account and enter some barter items that you'd be willing to trade. They can be related to your business (window washing, business coaching, limo service) or something from your side hobby (artisan cheese, fresh organic tomatoes, knitted hats).

Next, browse through our member directory for someone with goods or services that interest you. If their name has the barter symbol (This person barters!) next to it, they participate in barter. Click through to their profile to see what items they are willing to barter. If they do not have a barter symbol next to their name, consider sending them a note through their profile to see if they'd consider offering some items for barter.

Once they are offering items for barter, you can click the "Contact Elsie about bartering" link. This will open a window where you can send a message letting the person know you'd like to barter with them. The member will then be sent a notification of a pending barter request.

From then on, you can check the status of the transaction in your member administration area. As you follow the process, you and the other member will decide the details of what you are agreeing to trade. You can use the online messaging function for this or talk on the phone.

Once you've actually collected their agreed-upon barter item, you can mark the transaction as completed and rate the other person's participation.

It's that easy!



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