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Member since Jul 14, 2010



Principal Broker at Urban Nest, Owner Moxie Studio at Dill Ward Group @ Urban Nest, Moxie Studio, WWM

Business categories: Real Estate, Financial Services
Keywords: Realtor, Hostess

About Dill

I'm experienced and enthusiastic and have a passion for helping you figure out what is right for you in your next chapter. Let's manifest your nest!




Tired of renting, ready for your own piece of the pie? A home is such a personal thing. Your sanctuary and a reflection of your lifestyle. A place to make memories and a place to grow. I want to help you find your dream space through curious investigation, navigate the waters of negotiation, finance, inspections and repairs. My job is to help you feel confident as you navigate through one of the most exciting times of your life.


I absolutely adore this city and it's residents. I consider myself an enthusiastic concierge of Portland, so if you are looking to get connected into your new community I will do backflips to help you get every resource you need to feel at home.




Let's straight talk for a second. If you are considering selling your house you have two things on your mind, time and money. If you hire me to represent you in the sale of your home I see my #1 job as getting you the most amount of money in the least amount of time. 


I believe selling a home is accomplished by focusing on Presentation, Promotion, and Pricing. I'll create a market analysis to work from and together we will determine the best way to position your home in the current marketplace considering both past sales and current competition. I have a 12 point marketing plan and lots of energy and creative ideas to work hard until the job is done.  




I began studying real estate in my 20's during the economic boom in Florida. Eager to learn and a high tolerance for risk I started out as an investor, borrowing private money, buying, rehabbing and reselling properties. After turning many many ummm many houses I finally decided i had built enough capital to start keeping a few. I quickly grew a rental portfolio and learned all the ins and outs and mistakes you could make as a landlord.


Time went on and everyone around me wanted to know what I was doing and how they could do it too. I decided it was time to start a career of helping others so got licensed and began representing others in their investment purchases. When the market collapsed in 2006 I too suffered the financial burdens when the music stopped. I didn't stay down long tho because my never ending positive attitude had me studying every aspect of dealing with distressed real estate I could. I helped hundreds of people navigate short sale and foreclosure while going through it myself. 


In 2010 I moved to Portland and my heart was swept away with the gorgeous Craftsmans, Victorians, Tudors and Bungalows that this town was built on. I also fell in love with the people, the quirky, the outspoken, the creatives. I knew instantly that I wanted to work with people who wanted to buy homes to be a part of this amazing community. I spent a year here just studying the economy and learning everything I could about the construction and architecture of Portland and building a fantastic database to serve my clients with complete confidence and full service.


During 2010 I also started the Women With Moxie Portland Chapter as a way to give back to the professional community. Creating a home for ambitious women who needed both company & the support of other women.


I appreciate your interest in joining us, and I invite you to call me anytime to discuss Real Estate, Moxie, Networking in general, or how I may be of service to you as a resource. 



Dill's Location

3041 N Williams Ave
Portland, OR 97227

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Women With Moxie
1631 NE Broadway #742
Portland, OR 97232
(941) 444-9697

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