Moxie Motivation Webinar & Expert Panel:
"Blooming with Ambition"


Do you find yourself lacking ambition to take your life to the next level? Or are you afraid people are intimidated by your ambition as an independent businesswoman? We know ambitious women run the world - now we're going to tell you HOW!

Join us for our next webinar where you'll be inspired to Bloom with Ambition and use it to overcome challenges and take that next step, while inspiring those around you!

Thurs, May 12th, 2016
4:00p - 5:00p  (PST)


Your Host & Moderator

Dill Ward

Dill Ward is a successful Realtor® in Portland, OR with a long track record of helping connecting people with what they want. As CEO (Chief Experimental Officer) at Women With Moxie, she brings together growth oriented women ambitious to fulfill all of their dreams.


Featured Experts

Jessica Butts

Jessica is a psychotherapist, life fulfillment coach, and Myers-Briggs expert whose mission is to inspire others to Accomplish Magnificent Things by embracing their innateness. She shares her Live Your Life from the Front Seat methodology around the country in her sassy, no-holds barred entertaining manner. Leaving the corporate world of human resources, Jessica now has a private practice near Seattle. She’s passionate about personal development, traveling, deep connections with those in her life, and her beloved Boston Terrier, Tucker.

Beatrice Perkins Johnston

Beatrice has 20 years of experience creating and supporting the brand experience. She has beat the odds and raised the stakes numerous times in life and business and has a story that brings you to tears and makes you cheer. Her agency, Brand Excitement, specializes in helping entrepreneurs and educators elevate their brand reputation and visibility, which leads to increased opportunities and revenues. Her expertise and insights have been featured by media including The Oprah Magazine, Inc. Magazine, Fox News,and more.

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AJ Coots

AJ is the founder of AJC Photography, a studio focused on creating dynamic, character-driven, (aka 'Storytelling Headshots'). AJ specializes in working with people who self-identify as being 'not-photogenic' and who have never met a camera that wasn't out to get them. She uses cinematic lighting design with super-powers for 'mortals, not models.' "We make regular people look remarkable."


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