Earn money for your awesome networking skills + have another valuable reason to follow up with new contacts.

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Women with Moxie is an international network that helps you grow your business by making valuable, heart-centered connections. We not only encourage you to make those connections, but also we want to reward you for making those introductions. Watch this quick video below to learn how you can take advantage of this awesome opportunity!

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  • Ever found yourself in a networking situation and the conversation comes to a dead stop after you answered “What do you do?"  because they didn’t happen to need your service?
  • Do you daydream about creating an amazing product or opportunity that any and every business woman would need?
  • Could your business benefit from an exciting reason to get in touch with your business contacts that you may have fallen out of touch with?

This Earning Opportunity is Simple.

When you inspire awesome women to join our online directory or to become paid members of our network, we send you money.

As a Brand Ambassador, you’ll not only have another reason to connect with other powerhouse women about your business, you will be adding them into our Moxie Network where they can easily showcase and grow their business.

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This Is A Colored Section Title To Break Up Your Page

Here's How It Works:

You Can Be a Brand Ambassador If:

By signing up for our Brand Ambassador subscription, you will be given a unique affiliate link & account dashboard to keep track of your sales, that you can share in email, social media, on your website and more.

Your offer to your community is to invite your contacts to fill out a FREE profile and add themselves to the Moxie Directory or to join the membership.

  • For every complete profile added to the directory using your link, earn $1
  • For any paid membership, using your link, earn 20% of the sale. 
  • Easily manage your payments from your membership dashboard
  • Brand Ambassador is an add-on to your paid Moxie Membership, must be an active paid member to participate. 
  • You are a paid Moxie Member
  • You are super excited to share Moxie with everyone you know
  • You get that growing our network means growing your network
  • You are the kind of person that knows a good thing when you see it

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Take advantage of this opportunity - Get started today!

Only $20/month with any Paid Membership

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See what our current Brand Ambassadors have to say!

I thought this was kind of cool, I became a Brand Ambassador shortly after I became a Moxie Member. I shared it with some friends not expecting much and in the first month I made $50. That got me so excited I sent an email to more people, I made $120 AND got a new client!


Since I just moved and I do network marketing, I was looking for ways to make new contacts and came across Moxie and the Brand Ambassador program and decided to give it a try. This made it really easy to get into conversation with people. Women are really excited about the opportunity to be featured in the Moxie directory and it made it really easy to build relationships. Plus I am earning extra money so that's a huge plus.