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My manifesto:  Do everything with love. 💜
Leave people better than you found them.
Never stop growing.

Co-founder and CEO of Women with Moxie, Dill has always been obsessed with the art of gathering people to create special interest communities. Using social media to build and grow communities that grow businesses, Dill simultaneously built Women with Moxie, and a successful career in Real Estate closing over $150 million dollars in sales. 

She's a community influencer, best-selling author, sought after consultant, speaker, and event host known for her optimism, enthusiasm and effectivity. 

Dill is passionate about helping women embrace bold financial perspectives, develop sales & negotiation skills, and learning to leverage influence while allowing genuine heart-felt connection. 

She holds a B.S. degree from the International Academy of Design in Advertising, is a total marketing and tech geek and has inspired and activated thousands of business women to reach their goals. 

Now she’s here to help you reach yours!



For over 15 years, Dill and her exceptional team offer white glove, concierge-level real estate services in Portland, Oregon. 

Realtor, investor, marketing geek, certified master negotiation expert -- your next dream home actualizer at your service!

Making a move is a more then just a transaction, it's a life transformation!

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Dill Ward Group @ Living Room Realty




Dill periodically opens space in her schedule to provide 1-on-1 VIP days and group programs geared toward personal & business development mean to help women in business embrace bold financial perspectives.

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As an entertaining event emcee and speaker, Dill seeks to energize, inspire, and unify any room she's asked to connect with.

Areas of expertise include:

• general life or business motivation
• next level community building
• building a business from a network
• relationship marketing

• adding multiple revenue streams

• creating a life you love!

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