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Moxie Inner Circle

Courageous women move forward faster with the influence & encouragement of other high achievers. 


Women with Moxie Peer-Advisory Group program & curriculum was designed to give you access to your own exclusive advisory board with routine monthly meetings taking you out of the day-to-day work, and focus your attention on growing your business.


The Cohort is curated and comprised exclusively of committed women business owners, focused on one another’s success, in conjunction with the support of 1-on-1 private coaching, and additional resources & offerings of a Women with Moxie community membership.

Monthly group meetings are a confidential, safe space where you'll receive guidance, accountability to & from each other, with an opportunity to challenge paradigms in yourself and others, offer new perspectives, and share successes & growth opportunities.


What does it mean to have an Inner Circle?


You won’t be on the journey alone.

An Inner Circle group is comprised of high-performing women executives, self-employed business owners, or entrepreneurs representing non-competing industries. Each woman has unique talents and perspectives, yet all are like-minded in searching for authentic connections and success. It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top.


You will be challenged and supported. 

Inner Circle members will be championed in a trusted, confidential environment. They will also be challenged. Members will be pushed outside of their comfort zone and beyond the status quo. Members are supported, yet encouraged, to become the best version of themselves—in both their professional and personal endeavors—through real, honest, and “Radically Transparent” conversations.


You will be impacted professional & personally. 

In life, there is rarely a hard line between our professional and personal worlds. They intertwine. They compete. One can sway the success of the other. In an Inner Circle group, be prepared to tackle business challenges and share your personal story. Be willing to give strategic advice and emotional support. The women surrounding you will become your friends, allies, and confidants in all areas of your life.


Joining an Inner Circle Peer Advisory Group is the beginning of your journey to achieving your fullest potential. The journey is about progress. It’s about growth. It won’t always be easy or straightforward, but the destination is worth it. What if you could realize the full potential that you and others see in you — as a leader, an entrepreneur, a partner, a friend?


What you get: 
 Your own personal advisory board
 Monthly in-person meetings
 Monthly private 1-to-1 coaching sessions

 Solution generation

 Skill building
 Exclusive Community

 Women with Moxie Membership



It doesn't have to be lonely at the top.
Participation provides isolation relief! Members are challenged to think in new ways, give and receive feedback, and support one another through the peaks and valleys of leadership.


Results we've seen.
Women working with advisory boards make better decisions, achieve faster results, and become more effective leaders, all while getting the rewarding nature of empowering and supporting other women to be their best selves.


Seasoned visionary leadership.
From bootstrapping and building businesses ourselves, senior executives in Corporate America, we've both held a lot of roles in our combined 35+ years of business!

In both the facilitation of group meetings and your one-to-one coaching sessions, you get exclusive access to Dill's & Dawn's perspective as CEO, senior executive, business owner, consultant, coach, attorney, marketer, sales manager, community builder, finance and real estate advisor. 


Are you a candidate for Inner Circle Membership?


Titles and roles of Inner Circle Members:
Business owner, Director, GM, Partner, VP, GM, COO, CFO, CEO, wife, mother, volunteer, friend, confidant, and breadwinner.


Words used to describe Inner Circle Members:
Indispensable, essential, vital, crucial, key, important, invaluable, leader, professional, dependable, confident, irreplaceable, effective, inspiring, entrepreneur, focused, doesn’t give up, committed, successful, rock star, amazing, influential, great listener, sets priorities, instrumental, talented, game changer, important to the future/success of the company, expert, motivated, driven, aggressive, smart, visionary, articulate, kind, thoughtful, always willing to help, makes time for others, trusted, the first person to step up to take on a challenge or new project.

• Are you committed to yourself?
• Will you listen, learn, support, and allow yourself be supported in a safe place with like-minded women?

• Are you ready to operate on a new level of accountability and challenge?

• Are you interested in personal connection as a path toward professional growth?


If so ... You Are a Great Candidate for Inner Circle Membership!



An Inner Circle Peer Advisory Group is a journey toward becoming who you are meant to be in all areas of your life.



Top outcomes from participation:

• Increased confidence
• Confidential sounding board

• Increased knowledge and perspective in dealing with challenges and issues. 

• One-on-one executive coaching promotes professional and personal growth

• Increased awareness of your business in the community with prominent executive women

• Networking with prominent business leaders in the community

• Dreamy Referrals & Introductions



This is a complete success package!

Business skill training & coaching

Monthly in-person working meetings 
Exclusive Community

⭐️ BONUS: You Get Access to all of

Women with Moxie's events & membership offerings.



Enrollment is currently: OPEN 🦋

We are currently seeking high-performing, courageous women business owners with a growth mindset for the formation for a new cohort in Portland, Oregon.  (Ok to apply from other areas as long as you can attend in-person meetings in Portland.)

Program detail: 

• Space is limited. 



Ready to get started? 



Have questions? Is this is a good fit for you?  



Application Process:





5. PAY




Program Facilitators:


Dill Ward
CEO of Women with Moxie, Dill has always been obsessed with the art of gathering people to create special interest communities. Using social media to build and grow communities that grow businesses, Dill simultaneously built Women with Moxie, and a successful career in Real Estate closing over $150 million dollars in sales. 

She's a community influencer, best-selling author, sought after consultant, speaker, and event host known for her optimism, enthusiasm and effectivity. 

Dill is passionate about helping women embrace bold financial perspectives, develop sales & negotiation skills, and learning to leverage influence while allowing genuine heart-felt connection. 

She holds a B.S. degree from the International Academy of Design in Advertising, is a total marketing and tech geek and has inspired and activated thousands of business women to reach their goals. 

Now she’s here to help you reach yours!


Dawn Bonder
Dawn’s notable career is marked by 15+ years of progressive leadership experience navigating dynamic environments and the complexities & changing landscapes brought on by technology, economics, and politics.

A three-time CEO, Dawn honed her skills as CEO of Health Republic Insurance Company, SW Accountable Community of Health, and Lumos Group, building these companies from the ground up. Her experience also includes positions within public and private sector organizations, including Director, Oregon Regional Extension Center for Health IT, Senior Policy Advisor for former Oregon Governor Theodore Kulongoski and Director of Public Policy for the Oregon Business Association.

Dawn’s past roles have also provided a deep understanding of what it takes to be a woman in business and how to build resilient, sustainable, and rewarding businesses. She is known for her candor, transparency, and emotional intelligence – and using these characteristics to effectively manage people and organizations.

Dawn is a passionate, mission-focused leader skilled in fostering collaborative, inclusive, and transparent organizations, while making critical decisions, setting the strategic direction, and developing talent. She is excited to share her skills and expertise to inspire women in business to be courageous, authentic leaders.

Dawn has a B.S. in Business Administration from Boston University School of Management, summa cum laude, and a J.D. from New York University School of Law.