Moxie Online: Live Webinar

"Envisioning Your Future"


Wanna know what 2 Realtors, a Psychic, and a Congruency Catalyst think about creating success by "Envisioning Your Future"?

Join us for a LIVELY & entertaining discussion + Q&A on this month's FREE MOXIE ONLINE webinar. We're sure to have you cracking up and motivating you to take inspired action.

Moderator, Dill Ward, joined by special guests, Meshell Baker (Austin, TX), Melissa Mattern (Portland, OR), Alicia Kurvin (Sarasota, FL) will be answering questions and sharing insights as to how they created incredible success by using various mindset hacks to overcome any obstacle & set your sights on your future.

You'll leave this event inspired, and ready to take action!

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Thurs, June 14th, 2016
10:00am-11:00am  (PST)


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Your Host & Moderator

Dill Ward

Portland, Oregon

Dill Ward is a successful Realtor® in Portland, OR with a long track record of connecting people with what they want. As CEO (Chief Experimental Officer) at Women With Moxie, she brings together growth oriented women ambitious to fulfill their dreams.


Special Guests:

Meshell Baker

Austin, Texas

Meshell Baker is a highly engaging captivating Speaker, Action Strategist, Life Coach and soon to be published author of “BEST 2 BETTER – When You Do Your Best, Better Will Always Find You!” She is also a well-respected teacher of V.I.S.I.O.N.

As a former Award Winning Sales Rep, Meshell understands that Vision is a vehicle that will drive and sustain passion. She works with people helping them discover, develop and deliver the life of their DREAMS. Her devotion to enabling people to experience excellence and her love for the Lord led her to create a speaking, teaching and coaching business that excites people to DREAM BIG!

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Melissa Mattern

Portland, Oregon

Melissa Mattern is The Psychic Genius! Her readings “connect the dots” in relationships, career, and life. Her sessions are interactive and information is always delivered with the highest ethics. A reading with her is loaded with love and light..,and GENIUS!

Alicia Kurvin

Sarasota, Florida

Alicia Kurvin known as "Firecracker" is an industry leader as a Realtor in Sarasota, Florida and an entrepreneur. Aside from real estate , Alicia is leading the Florida chapter of a global expansion that is focused on telecom, banking and energy.

Through real estate and her side business Alicia has found a successful way to become apart of eliminating child hunger, not only in Sarasota and Florida but through out all of the U.S.A. Currently Alicia is working on a few projects creating awareness for child hunger as well as helping build our community to feed and educate children on the importance of food and where it comes from.

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