Theresa Pridemore, High Priestess, Brand Genius, Web Whisperer

Theresa Pridemore Theresa Pridemore High Priestess, Brand Genius, Web Whisperer
Sovereign Spirit
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Hi, I'm Theresa

I'm an artist, intuitive, communications consultant, and web specialist who guides spirit-led business owners in how to rock their web presence, expand their love-led mission, and strengthen their financial foundation through their Soul Brand journey.

Soul Branding is about the deep Why, Who, and How of your work. At the end of this process you have a powerful web presence that shares your vision and value: I call it your "Online Temple of Attraction."

I'm here to support you doing your highest work and connecting with the people you are divinely destined to work with. I'll help you hold space for your grandest visions while taking concrete steps to manifest them.