Darcy Molloy, Healing Channel & Soul Expression Coach

Darcy Molloy Darcy Molloy Healing Channel & Soul Expression Coach
Healing Channel & Soul Expression Coach
909 N Beech St. #206 Portland, OR 97227 5038607062

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I help healers, teachers, coaches & conscious entrepreneurs go from “I don’t know what, but not this” to “Hell YESSS! I know...and I\\\\\\'m doing it!” With a loaded toolbox, I help powerful people make effortless shifts from struggle to authentic-expression-in-action. I inspire them create habits around accessing inner wisdom to uncover their essential selves while doing the work they\\\\\\'re meant for. I am a certified, Life-Coach, Channel, and Healer, and offer a variety of services, classes and coordinated offerings to launch you into thriving and expanding toward your most inspired and inspiring You.

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