Jessica M. Frey, Menstrual Health Coach & Pelvic Care Specialist

Jessica M. Frey Jessica M. Frey Menstrual Health Coach & Pelvic Care Specialist
TBD Vancouver, WA

Hi, I'm Jessica M.

The best part of my job is that I get to talk about all of the taboo subjects - sex, pee, poop, periods, pregnancy and menopause.

I’m a Menstrual Health Coach and Pelvic Care Specialist. I specialize in supporting women through life's biggest transitions - Menstruation to Motherhood to Menopause.

I created the Purposeful Period Program when I couldn’t find answers to my own period problems. After two years struggling with what I know call my hormone hangover, I combined everything I’d learned about diet, exercise and lifestyle changes into a coaching program so you too can live life on your own terms, not your hormones.

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