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Hi, I'm Rose

A wardrobe stylist with a difference - that is what I strive to be. Yes, I have been a clothes horse for years with a passion for styling, but what sets me apart is my interest in empowering women to be the best versions of themselves. The versions they only formerly daydreamed about.

So often we take care of the those around us, leaving ourselves last. No more, lady! A happier, well taken care of you will serve your career, your family, and the world far better than an exhausted, uninspired you.

And do not get confused, I am not a proponent of mindlessly shopping until you drop. I did not grow up like that and I certainly know the value of a dollar. That skirt will not get you the job and those shoes will not impress your date. What will deeply effect your life in a meaningful way? How you feel about yourself.

If helping you design the perfect wardrobe for YOUR life will allow you to present the most confident, vibrant version of yourself then my job is done.

A little more about me:
• From the midwest: I show up, I work hard.
• Momma of an almost-preschooler: I totally get how very hard it is to get out of the house looking alive, much less feeling cool and confident. I can make it easier!
• Trained in Communication Art & Design, Psychology, and have a Masters in Social Science (Counseling) - by no means am I suggesting these styling sessions are therapy, but finding an outlet for the new vibrant you can be theraputic!

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