Cristina Villarreal, Wardrobe Consultant and Closet Organizer

Cristina Villarreal Cristina Villarreal Wardrobe Consultant and Closet Organizer
Wardrobe Consultant and Closet Organizer by Cristina Villarreal
Portland, OR 323-25-4582

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Hi, I'm Cristina

I have been a wardrobe roadie and living a rock star lifestyle since 2001. I have always had a passion for fashion since I can remember and have always been well organized. I have dressed many different body types and shapes, what has always brought be joy is when I hear the words, "This is me, you got me."

I'm a very will rounded wardrobe expert, a consultant with a Cosmetology license and make-up artist background. My passion for individual style and organization is why I decided to extend my services to people in the Portland, OR area who are interested in upgrading their public image. By helping them put a smile back into their style!

Now, does your style make you smile?

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Image Consultant, Professional Organizer, Stylist